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21. 3. 2019

1 When was the London tube open? Is it the oldest underground in the world?

2 Who does the unique tile-work in Baker Street tube station commemorate?

3 When is Buckingham Palace open for public? How much is a ticket for a student to the State Rooms?

4 What´s Harrods? What´s its motto?

5 When will the next Boat Race take place? Which university is more successful?

6 Why is Trafalgar Square called like this? Give two examples of a piece of art on the Fourth Plinth.

7 What can you find in Hyde Park? Give two examples.

8 How long does the guided tour in the Globe theatre take?

9 What´s the Key Ceremony? Can you enter it?

10 The Tower of London used to be a …. (complete 4 words).

11 You get a London Eye ticket. How many times will a wheel rotate?

12 What´s measured in Greenwich, the Old Royal Observatory?

13 How many steps do you have to conquer to get to the Monument? When can´t you climb it?

14 Who did people pay tribute to at a funeral service in St Paul´s Cathedral in 2013 and 1965?